Art Nouveau and Art Déco mosaïc , tiles and ceramic works .

samedi 12 mai 2018


      Mosaïc on the ceiling of the chapel in the WWII american cemetery in Colleville  near Omaha-beach , Normandy.
      In this cemetary  almost 10 000 american soldiers killed in the 1944 fights  in France are buried.

jeudi 19 avril 2018

Maison Rozier

La Bourboule ( France)

The Rozier bakery and pastry  had  its decoration of the facade, made by the mosaicists Gentil and Bourdet,  combining the floral theme and that of water and inspired by the art deco styl. Diversity of drawings, but also colors and materials (traditional tesserae, pieces with glossy or matte surface) enhance the  neo-Louis XVI style windows.
 The decor was designed in 1920 by architect Louis Jarrier.

mardi 18 juillet 2017


Modern vision of sailing boats in downtown Le Havre, re- build after its complete destruction during WW 2

lundi 8 mai 2017

Directly from Myanmar ...

 Richard our reporter in Myanmar writes:

 "  I was in Myanmar in January and thought you might enjoy these mosaics. Myanmar has a long history of mosaics which decorate their temples ( though not mosaics as we known them in the Western sense) but a very brief history of western style mosaics. I was able to visit an old high school in Yangon which had some mosaics created by artists in the late 1950’s, during the period when Myanmar was celebrating its independence from British Colonial rule and before the dictatorship of the generals started.  These mosaics are especially rare as they are on walls of the former " Nat Mauk Technical High School" and have no religious significance, but rather they celebrate every day life in Myanmar. They were created within the first joyful decade of independence from British rule and before the rise of the military dictatorship of Myanmar. A number of Myanmar's most currently famous artists participated in their creation. I believe the vitreous glass came from Italy, mostly judging from some of the tiles I saw which resemble some Italian ones that I own. The artists probably had little or no experience making mosaics with vitreous glass, but at least one had embraced impressionism.They look best at a distance, where their pointillism blends into a whole. There are 4 huge mosaics, which I will call Dance, Landscape, Elephant, & Construction for lack of knowing their correct titles. The artists involved in this project both practicing artists and some of their students all went on to become some of Myanmar’s most famous artists. It is my understanding that some are still alive today. I believe the exact dates of the mosaics are 1957."
  Richard Davis


jeudi 6 avril 2017


    Let's start with some interesting mosaïc facades from the 1930's period. This one belongs to a closed bakery in the former coal mining village of  La Machine, in France.

mercredi 1 mars 2017

Fish, molluscs, shellfish and crustaceans (SpongeBob world in mosaïcs....)

  An original reconstruction of an ancient Greek dwelling, Villa Kérylos is  built in the early 1900s by French archaeologist Theodore Reinach, and his wife Fanny Kann.
 On the ground floor of villa Kerylos , you can have every seafood you need....


Torpedo fish 

The largest of those is called the black torpedo, can weigh up to 90 kg 

and deliver electric shocks of 60 to 230 volts and exceeding 30 amperes...

May be difficult to cook ... (even if  you use gas...)


unknown (or hybrid?)  fish...(or penguin?)


A look at the villa ? (photographer: Christophe Recoura)