Art Nouveau and Art Déco mosaïc , tiles and ceramic works .

mardi 5 février 2019

Opera in the church

  The church of  Saint-Gilles de Petiteville ( normandy)   is  devastated during the French Revolution . Once century later ,in 1892 , the building  is restored  by its owner  Robert Gouhier de Petiteville , assisted by Christophe Édouard Mauss, the architect of the sanctuary of St. Anne of Jerusalem.
 The ground  is then covered by a mosaic by the famous  Giandomenico Facchina (1826-1903) born as an Italian Sequals , Frioul province), who worked on the renovation of mosaics in St Mark's Church in Venice and,  after settling in Paris, at the Opéra Garnier.

lundi 20 août 2018

Post office

In 1906, while the castle of Dijon is finally leveled, the City gives free to the State a plot of land to build a Post Office. In Dijon, Louis Perreau is associated with the architect of the administration to build an edifice of academic style, but innovative in its design. The classic stone cladding is attached to a metal structure. This explains these three large doors with windows and a balustraded balcony supported by high consoles of stone. This set is surmounted by a decoration of polychrome sculptures and mosaics with two medallions of mosaics decorated with the rooster, symbol of the French Republic.

dimanche 12 août 2018

Place your bets

   The casino of the spa town of La Bourboule is built by Mr. Chardon from 1892. Extension works begin in 1928: the symmetry is respected, a balcony resting on columns is added over the entire length, the elevations are decorated with mosaics enhanced with gold floral motifs.

In the center, the La Bourboule coat of arms.

jeudi 9 août 2018


A mosaic-decorated  shop  is created for the herbalist Pierre Tourneux in 1934 at the corner of No. 26 rue Saint-Martin - 36 rue Saint-Aubin in Angers (France): the monogram with intertwined letters CT on the threshold of the entrance door to the store probably refers to this owner (and his wife?). The design of the storefront is due to the architect Ernest Bricard and the decor to the famous  mosaicist Isidore Odorico, in its characteristic Art  Déco style..
The herbalism activity stopped in 2006, and the shop has since been converted to a fashion store...

  The initial look of the shop can be seen hereunder.

samedi 12 mai 2018


      Mosaïc on the ceiling of the chapel in the WWII american cemetery in Colleville  near Omaha-beach , Normandy.
      In this cemetary  almost 10 000 american soldiers killed in the 1944 fights  in France are buried.

jeudi 19 avril 2018

Maison Rozier

La Bourboule ( France)

The Rozier bakery and pastry  had  its decoration of the facade, made by the mosaicists Gentil and Bourdet,  combining the floral theme and that of water and inspired by the art deco styl. Diversity of drawings, but also colors and materials (traditional tesserae, pieces with glossy or matte surface) enhance the  neo-Louis XVI style windows.
 The decor was designed in 1920 by architect Louis Jarrier.